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DreamCatcher Bamboo Fly RodsOver 30 years of trout fishing experience has culminated in a dream...Dream Catcher Fly Rods. Under the masterful hands of George Mauer of Sweet Water Rods ( www.sweetwaterrods.com/ ) our craft has taken form. Now we're ready to create a dream catching instrument that you'll be proud to hand down to your grandchildren.

Split bamboo has a character that cannot be matched by plastic. As the bamboo begins to take the form of a rod, you can feel the bamboo yield its natural bend into the beauty of form and function. The magic of bamboo is apparent in each rod, each taking on a bit of the personality of the culm from which it was rendered. Our selection is wide and necessarily so since each person has their own casting moxy that is married with a particular taper design. Don't sell yourself short, cast several rods to make sure you have the rod for you.

Each rod is carefully flamed to a dramatic, rich, chocolate brown and hand-split and straighten. No short cuts are taken, we don't saw out our splines! Each spline receives its initial bevel down to the final taper within the strictest of tolerances that we can humanly achieve. There are no unsightly "bad glue joints" on our blanks. Each hand crafted fly rod has meticulous finished wraps, titanium carbide guides, nickel-silver reel seats and ferrules, the finest cork and highly figured wood spacers. An embroidered rod bag and brass-capped aluminum tube protect your heir loom. I hope you take the time to cast our rods. You deserve only the best. We ask that you cast us a line and we'll be sure you'll catch a dream of a rod!

Experience fishing with your personality in the presentation. Only custom made split-bamboo rods can offer you this life in your fly line. Skeptical? Sure bamboo is the best looking rod and even the most particular fish will be proud to have a photo-op with our Dream Catcher Fly Rods. All we need is to have you cast one of our rods. Caveat...You will be hooked! Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Dream Catcher Fly Rods
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